riversoflivingwater.com is For Sale!
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Welcome to the High Profile Domains - Domain Name Portfolio. This domain name portfolio is owned by entrepreneur, Daniel Rocca; who has been purchasing domain names since the early 1990's (directly after the internet was open to the public).

The domain names listed are being offered as a complete portfolio of domain assets (this includes every domain name) ...as smaller groups within the domain portfolio (example: .us domains, 1 word domains, real estate related domain names, etc.) ...as bundles or related domains (example: PierAvenue.com & PierAve.com) ...and finally each domain name can be purchased individually (example: Raw.us, Liens.us, Harleys.us, WildRain.com, PoeticMinds.com, StudioHomes.com, AmericasHeart.com, etc.).

Daniel has sold many high-profile domain names in the past including: Chi.us, Boards.us, Pilates.us, and many others. All of the domain names contained within Daniel's domain name portfolio were originally purchased with ideas in mind; they were kept because of their value.

To Daniel, domain names are like property... or online real estate if you will. Like a piece of land or the home you live in, a domain name gains equity as the years of ownership become greater. Fact is... that if a domain name only has 1-owner, it actually becomes more valuable. Location is a very key ingredient in determining the value of a piece of property and the same can also be said for a particular domain name; because every domain is unique!

Regardless of the many variables that are considered in appraising the worth of a domain name when using an automated or personal valuation (such as: Marketability, Clarity, Memorability, Popularity, Extension, Length, Words, Hyphens, Numerals, Substitutions, Abbreviations and whatever other configuration that has been contrived) ...the true value of any domain name can only be known by the current owner and the potential buyer. The value of a domain name is exactly what the current owner is willing to sell it for and what the potential buyer is willing to pay for it - no more and no less!

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